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Bifaninhas DOM ALMU

The recipe is perfect. You don't have to worry about the seasoning or even the stove. It's another one of our ready-to-eat. The restaurant in your home.

Croquetes Dom Bucho

A modern and crispy version of the traditional Bucho da Sertã. Ready to fry: you can accompany it with salad, with rice, or just eat it alone.


Our best ingredients and Chef Flávio Silva's recipe, gave this magnificent result... Lasagna in 80% recycled material, suitable to put in the oven or microwave.


Crispy, tasty, soft inside... The DOM Almu suckling pig is coming out of the oven and it looks wonderful. Why is it different? Because it's DOM Almu, a Chef's recipe and made with great care... You can already buy it in our butcher shops. Just heat it up for 10 minutes in the oven at 160 degrees.

Lombo Assado DOM ALMU

The Roast Loin looks wonderful. It's thin... The Loin is the lightest part of the pig. And believe me, this one will make delicious sandwiches. You can invent and add lettuce, cheese, tomato.