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DOM Casel delicacies are the essence of Lusitanian tradition and gastronomy. Portuguese delicacies prepared by hands from Beira that, for more than 30 years, guarantee the traditional and familiar taste of our sausages.

DOM Casel Iguarias has distinguished itself by the superior quality of its products, always made in a handmade way, with natural ingredients of excellence and rigorously selected since their origin.


With unmistakable taste, rustic flavor and noble texture, the traditional Portuguese sausages DOM Casel are in themselves a journey to the origins of each product, to the essence of regional gastronomy and to the knowledge of the people who gave them shape.

Feel the 200-years history of DOM Maranho, celebrate the tradition with DOM Bucho, gather the family with our DOM Enchido - Traditional or venture out with DOM Enchido - Contemporary. The choice is yours and so are the delicacies.